About Features

This page shows all features that are support by all PakType fonts. Some of the features are mandatory for any Arabic Script Based font, whereas other features are simply an enhancement. Whenever I come accross a font that has something extra, I try to add it in PakType fonts.

Code Pages

  1. Arabic (0x0600 - 0x06FF)
  2. Arabic Supplement(0x0750 - 0x077F)
  3. Arabic Extended A (0x08A0 - 0x08FF)
  4. Arabic Presentation Forms-A (0xFB50 - 0xFDFF)
  5. Arabic Presentation Forms-B (0xFE70 - 0xFEFF)
  6. Basic Latin (0x0000 - 0x007F)
  7. Latin-1 Supplement (0x0080 - 0x00F0)
  8. General Punctuation (0x2000 - 0x206F)
  9. Currency Symbols (0x20A0 - 0x20CF)
  10. Letter like symbols (0x2100 - 0x2140)
  11. Special Characters (0x25CC, 0x200C - 0x200F)

Special Features

  1. Laam Laam Hai ligature

  2. Goal Hai (0x06C1) Features
  3. Support of number allowing symbols

Language specific features

  1. Language specific features for Marks
  2. Language specific features for some characters

Font features in detail

Please take a look at font specific PDF files for more information on supported features.